Why So Many Work-from-Home Moms Are So Successful

Almost every mom, at some point, dreams of working from home and being with the kids more. Many moms take the plunge and start their own business, or work for another company as a freelancer or contractor. Increasingly, those work-at-home moms, or WAHMs, are succeeding beyond their, or anyone’s, wildest dreams. Stories like that of Carrie Wilkerson, the Barefoot Executive, are not just the stuff of books and dreams.

How do these moms succeed in working at home, taking on the challenges of their own businesses and juggling work and family and home? What are the ingredients of this success?


First, WAHMs have attitude oozing from their pores. They know that they can accomplish something and they intend to do it. They’re confident. When they’re not confident, they pretend to be confident and keep going. They expect that what they intend to do will work, and they proceed based on that expectation.

Successful WAHMs know that attitude is the foundation for everything they do. They do have bad days and difficult times. They just know that the bad days are not the whole of their situation, and they hold the attitude that they will succeed. Then they just keep moving forward.


The successful mom may not be organized in the kitchen. Her house may look like it received the brunt of the eye of a hurricane. She may not be able to find a pen in her handbag. But when it comes to her work and her business, she knows what she needs and where it is.

Staying organized for success as a work-at-home mom primarily means having all of the information and materials necessary, and knowing where they are. They may be stacked in a laundry basket under the counter, but if that’s where they belong, the WAHM is able to work with that.


Too many people just start out to “make some money.” The successful mom studies the opportunities available, understands what is involved in each, and makes decisions based on facts and reality.

Success comes when a WAHM finds a business or freelance opportunity in a niche she believes in and can be comfortable in, where she can use her skills and talents to their utmost.

Finding this niche and making it work require creating a strategy based on an evaluation of financial goals, skills and interests, and available opportunities. Knowing where she’s going is the main thing that makes a WAHM successful.


Networking is the big buzzword of the moment. The successful WAHM doesn’t think in terms of networking, but in terms of building relationships. These relationships may be online or in person. Some relationships are business-oriented, but many are personal.

With a strong network of personal relationships and people who know, like and trust her, the successful mom has access to people who will support her, who can answer her questions, and who will buy her product or service.


Many people would expect the product or service to be one of the first secrets to the success of those moms who work at home and accomplish so much. In fact, the product is secondary. A WAHM who has the foundations of a successful business can work with any of several products or services.

What the successful WAHM sells first is herself.

Once she has the basis of a viable business, she monetizes the business by creating or providing a product or service and marketing it.

In its simplest terms, that is what business is. It is creating a product or service and selling it to a consumer. The successful WAHM knows that the product is crucial and must be high-quality, but the real business of the business is creating those relationships that sell the product or service.


The successful mom is not afraid of marketing. She is not afraid to “put herself out there,” because she knows that the claims she’s making for her product or service are true. She understands that she is serving someone by offering what she has, and she steps up and lets them know about it.

The most successful WAHMs are the ones who do the most creative and innovative, and the most exhaustive, marketing. No matter how great the product or service, no one buys what they don’t know about. Those WAHMs who overcome any marketing anxiety succeed because they reach their audiences.


Running a home business is not easy. Many moms go into it and quickly return to work, or become simply stay-at-home moms. Not everyone is cut out to be a work-at-home mom. Those who are, determine that they are going to make a living working from home and never let that determination waver for more than a moment.


Successful moms couple their determination with action. It is not enough simply to determine to do something. You must then do it. This is one of the things that sets the successful WAHMs apart from those who don’t reach their goals.


Another of the qualities that set successful moms aside is that when they encounter setbacks, they find ways around them and keep going. Of course they get discouraged, but they don’t let discouragement hold them back.


Probably the biggest factor in the success of these moms is their willingness to do what it takes. Many people say they will do whatever it takes. Few actually do it. When they do, they often find that whatever it takes was more than they hoped but less than they feared.

No two work-at-home moms are exactly the same, but all have these qualities in various combinations. All successful moms do the work and take the steps to succeed, but they also succeed because of who they are and who they become as they embark on the WAHM adventure. The ingredients are common to everyone. Using the recipe successful moms use, anyone can become a work-at-home mom reaching her dreams.

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