Business Tools

Those who are able to become successfully employed while working from home know that there are many benefits to be had. Most home based opportunities allow for flexibility and independence. Those who work for themselves generally are able to incorporate their own passions into their employment. Working from home can also save money, as home-workers may not have the need for automobile related expenses, professional attire, and other expenditures that can drain the wallets of those who work in traditional office environments.

However, working from home presents its own sets of problems as well. Time management can be the biggest issue. Home-workers must be able to stay on task independently. Some have difficulty avoiding the distractions that can easily contribute to missed deadlines. Others may focus so much of their energies on their work responsibilities that they spend many more hours than necessary on their projects. It is important for home-based workers to have the tools that will help them to manage their time on task.

Money management can be a big issue with home-based workers as well. Those who are self-employed must be able to manage invoices, payments, taxes, and business related expenditures. Once financial confusions sets in, it is difficult to stop. It is best to avoid it in the first place by employing the right tools for the job.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is known for its ease of use for email design and management. For those who have a great many clients, Constant Contact provides tools that help small business owners know what emails are being opened and shared and by whom. The company also provides event management, online marketing, and polling services.


If you need to share a presentation in real time with a client who is miles away, use JoinMe. This handy and free service lets others view your desktop or allows you to view theirs. The service is a must for anyone who telecommutes or holds meetings on a regular basis.


Google has so many helpful, free business tools that an entire list could be made from Google alone. Google Analytics is a tool that is used by new business owners and professionals alike. Google Analytics’ primary purpose is to allow its users to understand the keywords that are most effective in driving search engine traffic. Google Docs is possibly the best way to securely create and save documents online. Files can be created for your own use or shared with others when needed.


Evernote is a great tool for home based workers who may not always be home. Evernote is a free tool that allows its users to access the same, digital notepad whether they are on their home computer, a traveling laptop, or a mobile device.


Every business needs a blog. Blogs are a prime way to keep in touch with customers, provide valuable information, and to drive traffic to a web site. WordPress is well known, easy to use, and is indexed by the most utilized search engines.


DropBox is a storage solution that allows you to save all files, including images and text documents, to multiple devices and online. DropBox is helpful for a couple of reasons. Home workers who must travel to meet with clients can easily access stored information while on the go without having to spend hours uploading various files to their mobile devices. Also, DropBox acts as a safety measure for files that need to be backed up regularly or absolutely cannot be lost.


Everyone has heard of PayPal, and all small business owners know the ups and downs of this online payment tool. However, since everyone has heard of PayPal it is also a well trusted and often used application by the average consumer. A site that does not accept PayPal could well be a site that is turning away hundreds, if not thousands, of customers.