Business Planning

Business PlanImagine a day in the life as a stuntman. You are about to leap across a canyon on a motorcycle and perform the best stunt of your life—except you just put a blindfold on. If this scenario does not make sense to you then neither should running an online business without some kind of plan. Leaping into the uncharted waters of the business world without a game plan is just as dangerous financially as a blindfolded drive would be for you physically.

For you to reach your goals in the business world, you need to carefully plan the methods and actions that need to be done. Consider what your goals or targets are and figure out a way to reach them. People who put their goals in writing are more likely to succeed. Even if they miss out on their dreams, these goal-setters are statistically more likely to get closer to their goals than people who do not plan ahead.

Be Specific

Figure out what your goals are. Obviously you plan on making money on-line, but how? Do you plan on writing e-books, marketing a product or selling a skill set? Without a clear goal in mind, you will find it extremely difficult to device a method of achieving it. While you are deciding on your goal, break it down into smaller pieces. What part of the goal can be accomplished by the end of the day, week and month? Also, start to format long term goals that span years so that your business has room for growth as time goes by.

Take Action

Writing the goals down is the first step, but if you just file them away in your sock drawer the business will never take flight. After the goals are created, sit down and begin writing out a business plan—and stick to it. A business plan is like your pathway to success. It tells you where you end goal is and how you can go about getting there.

As you create the business plan and put it into action, begin with determining your niche. Each business has a set of customers that it markets the product to. Often, this niche is extremely clear from the outset. A children’s toy website will obviously be marketed to children or parents just like a pregnancy forum is going to attract expectant parents. Knowing the people you are marketing to can help you to make a quality product and develop accurate advertisements.

Walking the Steps to Success

Your business plan is an important part of your on-line business. Within the business plan, your business has all of the stepping stones to success easily listed. By following these steps, you can achieve your dreams and build a stable company.

Saving Time and Money

Having a business plan for your on-line business is important: it not only saves you time, but also keeps the dollars in your pocketbook. The careful planning that you put into the business will help to limit the amount of time you have to deal with obstacles or problems that are in the way. As markets change, the business plan can be the anchor that ties your company to its underlying beliefs and purposes. It is easy enough to get lost in the unpredictable nature of the economy—do not make the mistake of adding an unwieldy, badly planned business into the mix.

Raising Money

Like many start-up businesses, you may have to find investors to front your start-up costs. Few investors are going to become excited about a new business that does not have a plan behind it. A carefully contemplated, well-made business plan can help you to find and keep investors. The business plan can also help determine exactly how much money you need to raise overall. A good outline will address the financial structure of your business and design a tentative budget for the upcoming year.


As you garner funds for your business, the business plan can help you to communicate with employees, the management team, customer and lenders. When everyone is on the same page, it is easier for all of the employees to work towards a common goal without contradicting each others work. Effective and efficient businesses have learned that this strategy works over time. Having a well-coordinated team that communicates efficiently is a key factor for the success of any on-line business and can help make your company run smoother.


The United States Constitution was once the business plan and blueprint for the government of the United States. Today, the Constitution is the oldest one in the world that is still in use. Having a strong purpose and a clear goal helped to make this possible, but more importantly, the flexible nature of the constitution allowed the country to thrive and change as was necessary over the years. Ideally, your company should attempt to create a business plan that is flexible enough to roll with the changes in today’s economy. Like the Constitution, it should be based on a clear purpose and values. Over time, the business plan should be flexible that it can change over time and the company can thrive.

Having a business plan is the first step towards developing, funding, expanding and managing a business. The importance of this blueprint cannot be overstated. It allows your business to grow and for there to be a clear purpose for every level of the company’s employees. As the business takes off, a business plan can help the company to stay true to its core values and committed to its foundation.