Business Ideas

Business IdeasThe digital technology explosion has made it possible for anyone with an idea to create a successful business online. Any product or service can be marketed world wide using the Internet. All it takes is a computer, Internet access, and most importantly, a great idea.

What is a great idea?

Anything new, interesting, or useful in today’s world is a great idea. Tap into the skills and interests you already have. Then explore how to share this concept with the world. For example:

  • Accounting: Work on bookkeeping and tax returns.
  • Animals: There are a wide variety of possible niches, including pet care, pet toys, pet health, pet food, backyard chickens and other livestock.
  • Arts and Crafts: Sell your finished products or share how to make them; create kits to sell.
  • Automotive: Create a parts locater service, or promote restoration services. Create a quick fix book for common automotive issues.
  • Books: Think about an online bookstore or library service. Do you have the skills to restore old book pages and bindings? Or perhaps you could offer your services to transcribe print books into electronic format, or read to create audio books.
  • Child Care: Create a parenting website and share your knowledge.
  • Computer: Charge for online chat technical support, or promote your business locally.
  • Cooking: Write an e-book of recipes, teach cooking classes, or make a video to show a new technique.
  • Cosmetics: Sell your favorite cosmetics and fragrances online.
  • Debt Counselor: Work for yourself helping others.
  • Driving: Start a taxi or currier service. Post your hours and coverage area on your web site.
  • Engines: Do you have a great idea for a new design? There are several grants available for the development of alternative engines, fuels, and batteries.
  • Florist: If you can raise flowers and arrange them, start your own flower shop.
  • Fundraising: Fundraising has become an occupation, and a consultant service in this area can be quite lucrative.
  • Gaming: Create a game to sell, or offer “cheat codes”.
  • Gardening: From rooftop gardens to large fields, growing food has become a very hot topic. Sell seeds or write a guidebook.
  • Home decorating: Tap into your creativity and become a decorating consultant.
  • Internship service: Match potential employers with college students seeking credit and experience as an intern.
  • Jar Gifts: Sell them online in addition to local craft fairs.
  • Kitchen Organizer: Offer your services to assist others in kitchen design and organization.
  • Labor: General labor is perfect for the jack-of-all-trades! Advertise your services on your own web site.
  • Laundry Services: Create a business picking up and taking care of laundry. You will need to post your coverage area and rates on your website, along with any legal disclaimers.
  • Marshall Arts: If you have the ability to open your own studio, go ahead!
  • Network Administrator: Sell your services to local businesses.
  • Organizer: Become a professional organizer or create an organizational system to sell.
  • Product Distribution: Consider investing in a drop shipping company. Or use your site to market an item of your own design.
  • Quiz Maker: Sell for amusement purposes only quizzes to magazines and e-zines, or create quizzes for the educational market.
  • Research Assistant: Depending on your interest, you can target law firms, scientific researchers, or local colleges to provide the research they need.
  • Sales: Learn and sell using online auctions and marketplaces.v
  • Secretarial: Promote your lifetime of skills using computerized office products and contract your services to local businesses.
  • Sewing: Create custom clothes or provide alterations. Post photos of your work online for the world to see.
  • Tutor: Advertise your teaching qualities and success stories on your web site to gain new students.
  • Unusual and quirky: What seems to be a crazy idea today could be tomorrow’s bestseller. Take a chance!
  • Vineyard Specialist: If you know all about grapes and vineyards, sell your knowledge and experience.
  • Wine taster/critic: Review wines for gourmet sites and magazines.
  • Writing: Create a resume service, type and edit papers for college students, maintain a blog of useful information.
  • Youth Sports Organizer and/or Coach: If you know the game inside and out, use that knowledge and talent to create a community league.
  • Zen master: Teach meditation and never be stressed again!
  • Zodiac reader: Turn that horoscope hobby in to a profitable career by creating birth and star charts.

The possibilities are endless! Choose something you enjoy, create a business out of it, nurture that business, and the money will eventually come. As with any new business, check with your local town or city hall to satisfy legal and tax obligations.

At your disposal is a world of tools. Once your website is built, keep people informed with a blog. Use social networking sites to spread the word. Assist search engines to find you by using specific keywords and tagging. Earn money by allowing advertisements on your pages. Market with direct electronic mail and/or newsletters.

Do not be intimidated by a lack of knowledge of any of these tools. There are many free online tutorials for how to use them. All it takes is a little time to learn, then allowing your business to grow.

Let your imagination run free and brainstorm. One good idea will be all that it takes for a successful at home career.